About The Norwalk Tree Alliance

The Norwalk Tree Alliance (NTA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization actively engaged with our community in the initiation and support of programs that promote a healthy urban forest.

We were formed in early 2002, and achieved non-profit status  shortly thereafter. We work with the City of Norwalk on the annual tree planting program, as well as on a registry of all  notable and memorial trees, both privately owned and city trees. We operate the first municipal tree farm in Fairfield County. NTA's current plans include installing tree identification signs in several Norwalk parks.

NTA is an advisor and participant in the annual Arbor Day celebration, when a tree is planted at one of the City schools.

A large contribution is made by us to the annual Connecticut Tree Festival, held in May at Cranbury Park. The event for 2016 is planned for the third Saturday in May.

The festival features exhibits by local tree organizations and other outdoor-oriented groups. There are kid-friendly activities.  Festival guests are served complimentary hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks.  

Landau Re-elected President of Norwalk Tree Alliance

Dan Landau

Dan Landau has been re-elected to his fourth one-year term as president of the Norwalk Tree Alliance, a nonprofit association of volunteers committed to advancing Norwalk’s urban tree canopy and elevating public recognition of trees as a resource enriching the quality of life.

Also re-elected at the NTA’s annual meeting were vice president Bill Levin, secretary Judith Rudikoff and acting treasurer Christine Names. Added to the board of directors were Anatoly Sarser and Hal Alvord.

Landau’s report at the meeting covering 2015 activities noted that the NTA is working with the Third Taxing District and a $2,000 grant to plant 20 street trees in East Norwalk, oaks and maples, some up to 10 feet high.

Tree identification signs were installed at Cranbury Park and the Town Green, trees identified on Sheffield Island and signage is expected to be completed in the spring at Rosa Parks Arboretum behind Columbus School.

At the NTA’s Tree Farm in Fodor Farm, the tree inventory was expanded and additional fencing erected to prevent animals from attacking the growing trees.

For 2016, a tree planting is scheduled for Marvin School April 29 in a continuation of the NTA’s Arbor Day rotation of tree plantings at schools.

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The Norwalk Tree Alliance invites you to join us. We are community-minded volunteers who are friendly, active and involved in making Norwalk a better place to live. We need your support for our programs.

Our membership dues are only $10/year individual, or $15/year family.

Please consider becoming a member or making a tax deductible donation to us.

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