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Homeowners Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out whether the tree in my front yard belongs to me or to the City?
There are maps at City Hall which define your property line from that of the City.
Determine where the tree stands according to the map.

I have a damaged tree in my front yard. Can the City trim it, or remove it? 
If the tree is on your property it is your responsibility. If it is on City property, they will send a City representative to assess it.

I believe that limbs, or my neighbor's entire tree may fall into my yard. What should I do?
If limbs are over your property line you may trim them only to the property line. You cannot cut down your neighbor's tree. Notify your neighbor about your concerns, and keep a record of when you notified him. 

My neighbor's tree has damaged my property. What should I do?
Call your insurance company, because your homeowners policy should cover this.

My tree has damaged my neighbor's property. What should I do?
Expect that your neighbor's insurance company will contact you. 

There is a tree marked for removal on my street. Where can I get information about it?
A tree removal or trimming notice in the form of a sign must be posted on the tree. Such posting shall provide the name, address and phone number of the Tree Warden in the event that there is an objection to the removal or trimming 
of the tree.

The power company is trimming trees on my street. and they look terrible.
Utility tree trimming has been the source of numerous complaints.
Three electric utilities serve the City and each performs annual tree trimming. 
A permitting process is used with utility companies in order to retain power line reliability while minimizing damage to trees. A permit is issued only after a 
meeting of the Tree Warden, the utility company and all of its trimming 
contractors. Information is then posted on the City’s website. 

There is a large tree growing next to my house. Will the tree roots affect my foundation?  
Here is a link to an informative article on the subject, from the Montreal Botanical Garden. There is also other information here on planting growing and pruning of trees.

I want to plant trees or shrubs in my yard. Any recommendations?
Another link to the Montreal Botanical Garden can help you.

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